Overseas tours

Touring rowing is far more developed in many European countries than in England.  In Germany, for example, only about half of all rowers take part in competitions, while the remainder are recreational / touring rowers.  


Ginásio Clube Figueirense organises various rowing tours - see their blog and website.

 The club is pleased to present the program for PORTUGAL ROWING TOUR for 2017:

DOURO RIVER – 7 to 9 August

Here is the provisional programme and application form

MONDEGO RIVER – 10 to 13 August

Here is the provisional programme and application form

We will include further details and photographs when we receive them.
Applications close on 9th June


The French Rowing Federation (Aviron France) publishes a list of tours which are open to all.  The following site includes a map, and descriptions of all the tours in English as well as French.   The 2016 calendar is not yet available, but should be published soon.



The Rowing Federation of Baden Wurttemberg has just published its list of touring events for 2016.


Commercial tours

The following companies arrange tours in Europe and further afiield.  They tend to be more expensive than tours organised by national federations, but offer a wider choice and more flexibility: